Where Do Men Fit In?

Why do we focus on STEM Women? Why not also focus on STEM men?

Usually the people who ask this question are unaware of how far away we are from gender equality in the STEM fields. Things have improved from a few decades ago when it was a rarity for a woman to be in a STEM field, but we still have a long way to go to achieve true equality. Anyone who continues to believe otherwise is far removed from our current reality.

We need to reframe this issue as beyond just a “women’s problem.” It affects both genders – although the effects on men may not be so obvious. For example, problems arising from inequality affect the way that men support and collaborate with women. How do we showcase these issues as a problem that affects both genders? We need all genders to speak up about it.

Our community is led and focused on women, but we work closely with male colleagues. We will bring you Google+ Hangouts focused on how men understand and contribute to gender equality within STEM, as well as offering advice on how men can become better allies in championing the advancement of gender equality in STEM.

We are also dedicated to expanding other issues of diversity within STEM. This includes being inclusive of people of colour, transgender people and other minority groups.

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